Patient Information Video

COCA has produced a video which provides information for patients about Low Back and Neck Pain.

The video promotes chiropractors and osteopaths as specialists in musculoskeletal and spine care, with particular emphasis on those chiropractors and osteopaths who are COCA members.

With a total running time of  4 minutes, the video covers several points:

  1. The incidence of low back and neck pain in the Australian population
  2. The growing body of research that supports chiropractic and osteopathic treatment of low back and neck pain as safe and effective with high patient satisfaction
  3. The five years of university training required to be become a chiropractor or osteopath
  4. What to expect when consulting a COCA member chiropractor or osteopath including quality, safe and ethical practice
  5. The options for care which may be offered, including spinal manipulation

The video concludes with a list of journal references supporting the information provided.

COCA has produced the video for patient, public and health professional education.

The video is publicly available on Vimeo via this link: