The RACGP Library


COCA has an arrangement with the RACGP which allows members to access relevant journal articles from the RACGP library (eTOC). To access these articles you will have to log on to the RACGP Library and use your specific RACGP Username and Password.  If you have not yet registered with the RACGP contact the COCA office and we will provide you with an application form.

How to access the RACGP Library collection:

  • Go to the RACGP website at
  • Log on by entering your username and password in the box located on the left of the page and click the log in button.
  • Click on the Library/Research link at the top right hand side of the new website to obtain our front page.
  • Scroll down the list of services as far as “Journals” and click on the link.
  • Click on the “Online Journals List A-Z” link and access this page for details of which journal titles you can access directly in full text.
  • Do a keyword search in the “Find’ box to find a journal title when you know the details of a specific article.
  • If A-Z indicates “Access for members” or “Link to member access”, click on the journal link and when the journal site appears, select appropriate issue from those listed.
  • Browse through the articles within the selected issue to locate the required article.
  • Print article or email it to a designated email address.

You can also access Proquest, EBSCOHost and free articles through our customised version of PubMed at:

We have also included a quick  link to the Library Services page which will give you information about databases, journals and online resources that are availalbe:

If you have any difficulties accessing RACGP electronic resources please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. Email us at  or phone us on (03) 8699 0519.