Continuing Professional Development Requirements

Your CPD Requirements for On-Going Board Registration

To maintain current registration with either the Chiropractic Board of Australia or the Osteopathic Board of Australia practitioners must maintain, enhance and extend their knowledge, expertise and competence throughout their careers in line with the changing needs of clients and society.

For Chiropractors the required minimum level of Continuing Professional Development is 25 hours over the 12 month registration period (1st December – 30th November). The 25 hours must comprise a minimum of 12.5 hours of Formal Learning Activities with the other 12.5 hours either formal or informal activity.

For Osteopaths, the minimum requirement is also 25 hours of which 4 hours must come from a mandatory activity approved by the Board plus 2 activities within a list of categories as determined by the Board.

Practitioners will be required to maintain a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their compliance with the CPD requirements and may be asked to provide evidence of such activity at the discretion of their Board.

Guidelines for CPD from both the Chiropractic Board and the Osteopathic Board are attached below. These Guidelines include a template for the recording of CPD activities and the hours involved.

All CPD modules available from COCA have been assessed for:

(a) the CPD hours they attract, and

(b) whether they are accredited as formal or informal activity.

For further information or any enquiry regarding CPD contact COCA on 1300 13 99 50.