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Physitrack. Videos not drawings.

Developed by healthcare experts from Australia, The Netherlands, the UK and the US, Physitrack provides an online library of over 900 clearly narrated exercise videos in high definition. The platform lets chiropractors, osteopaths and other practitioners prescribe home exercise programs quickly and easily, knowing that the patient will be shown correct technique for each exercise.

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Patient choice. Name your device.

Patients complete their prescribed exercise programs with the guidance of videos on their smartphone, tablet or computer via the Physitrack app. The videos can even be streamed to AppleTV and Chromecast for patients who want to use Physitrack on the TV in their living room.
When a patient is using the smartphone app, the exercise program is downloaded onto the phone once, so Internet access is no longer required afterwards. This is of particular importance for patients in remote areas where Internet access can be unreliable or when patients are traveling and want to avoid expensive roaming charges.

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Videos are clearly narrated, engaging and motivating patients while reminding them of the correct techniques to adopt. The patient also receives automatic in-app reminders, keeping them on track with their exercise program. For patients without smartphones or an Internet connection, Physitrack lets the provider produce clear, great looking printed versions of the exercise program.

Connecting patient and chiropractor

As patients complete their exercise programs, Physitrack keeps a real-time record of the adherence to their exercises and lets patients report feedback to their practitioner who can use this record to review a patient’s progress of rehabilitation in terms of pain levels, and ability to achieve the exercise targets set. It is then possible to see if the patient is on track or lagging behind, and adjust treatment accordingly. The record also provides an early warning should a patient get ahead of him/herself and increase intensity or weight, with the risk of causing re-injury.

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Dr Richard Pilkington, chiropractor at City Health Melbourne, Government Clinical Advisor and product evaluator for COCA: “As product evaluator I have tested many different exercise prescription programs, but Physitrack is a clear standout in many ways. The quality and narration of the exercise videos is outstanding, so there is no ambiguity on how to perform the exercise correctly. Having real-time insight into my patients’ adherence levels and being able to analyse their rehab progress in detail allows me to provide them with a more proactive service. Patients love the smartphone app for its ease-of-use and the fact it keeps them on track with in-app reminders to complete their prescribed exercises.”

Preferential subscription rates for COCA members

COCA has negotiated preferential subscription rates for members of only $10.00 per month or $99.00 per year per practitioner, that’s 67% off the regular subscription price. Institutional pricing is available to practices with 5 or more practitioners.

Take a Free Trial

To take advantage of this offer first sign up for a FREE trial at
Once signed up for a trial:
1. Go to Settings > Account owner
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