Products endorsed by the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA) are put through a thorough and rigorous evaluation process to ensure that they meet our exacting standards.

Jaspa Herington

COCA endorses several of the pillows in the Herington range. To see all the pillows available and for further information go to: www.jaspa.net.au


Sleepeezee is a manufacturer of beds and mattresses and COCA endorse their Chiro-Osteo Double-Sided Pillow Top Mattress and the Teen Support Chiropractic Mattress.

Note: The Sleepeezee website does not list their products. To find information about their mattresses use a search engine to search Sleepezee Mattresses. The search should result in providing you with retailers who stock their products. Many of the retail sites have good information about the Sleepeezee products.