Important Information About Changes To COCA

Friday 19 June 2015

With the launch of Chiropractic Australia yesterday there will be a number of changes to COCA which will impact on members.


Most importantly, COCA will continue, however its role, as it was originally intended, will now be confined to providing high quality education and research services.


Existing COCA members will automatically become a member of Chiropractic Australia, retaining all existing benefits including their insurance contract with Aon Risk Services.  There is no need to complete an Application Form for Chiropractic Australia.


If you elect not to become a member of Chiropractic Australia you can still remain a member of COCA (with all existing benefits) until such time as your current membership expires.  You will then have the option of either joining Chiropractic Australia or continuing with COCA on a new limited CPD membership (see details on the membership page).


In the next few days you will receive a letter regarding the establishment of Chiropractic Australia and what it means for you as a COCA member.  If you want to find out more about Chiropractic Australia visit their website at: www,


The COCA Executive endorses the initiative to establish Chiropractic Australia and urges all members to support it with their membership.


It should also be noted that COCA will also continue to work successfully with Osteopathy Australia and discussions are currently taking place with that peak body on how COCA can best serve the osteopathic profession.